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SOURCING STRATEGIES Simplify the complexity of searching and procuring goods

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Procurement of goods can be a challenge for your business. Getting the right supplier, ensuring the quality of goods, managing import costs and other unexpected obstacles. The success of imports or exports is determined by special expertise and experience. Of course your time, funds, and business reputation are at stake. Our specialist team at ViGlobal is ready to provide the best solution for all your sourcing and trading needs.


Experienced in using various sourcing techniques, our global team has databases, relationships with various types of industries and other supporting sectors. Our goal is to get the best price by working directly with the factory, while avoiding the risk of customers connecting with various suppliers who do not have their own factories.

Procurement Partner

Our expertise and experience in procurement management has developed into a reliable partner for critical purchasing functions for industrial and commercial businesses in Indonesia. We assist principals in meeting their goals, changing the conventional view of procurement to become a strategic driver of value creation.

Custom Handling

Customs handling looks simple and can be done by anyone in your organization. But without preparation and accuracy of documents, import or export activities can be a serious problem. We provide complete consultation and handling of customs that is in accordance with the conditions in Indonesia,China and other countries. Our strength is handling Indonesia, China and other countries according to customer needs.


We serve shipping goods from and to Indonesia, From and to China as well as other counties by sea, air and land, integrating logistics chains for the best solutions. Our team of logistics experts is equipped with management methods for all types of shipping: FCL / LCL, referigerated, flatbed, or other types of shipping.

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We provide complete services for all sourcing needs ranging from supplier sourcing to logistics. Including product development that is in accordance with your specifications, quality control inspections during and after production. We make sure factory to deliver the goods on time. We minimize the hassles at your side.

Dedicated Team

Personal Approach

We are one of the few companies in Indonesia that provide personalized services for our clients. You will always get important information from the ViGlobal sourcing specialist team for each purchase order process, making it easier for you to stay focused on the excellence of your business.

Reliable Partner

Trusted Vendors

Having about a decade of experiences working with suppliers in China, and representative offices and agents in Shanghai and Shenzhen, ViGlobal is an important partner for your business.
We have a network that is verified, audited and maintained well with more than hundreds of quality suppliers from all industries.

Competitive Price

Same Great Quality

Our special negotiating team guarantees to give you better prices with access to a source factory network that offers competitive prices. By still providing products of the same quality as other factories.

Goods sourcing from manufacturers Superior products at the best prices for Indonesia

Industrial Goods

We have the best factory network in China that produces industrial and commercial needs products in Indonesia. Industrial consumer goods such as furniture components, water filtration machine and components, woodworking machine spareparts and tools, Various machine and parts, heavy equipment such as drill-rigs, tower cranes.

Consumer Goods

Household and individual products are a favorite for the Indonesian user market, because prices and quality are always competitive. ViGlobal makes it easy for you to get consumer products such as packaging, shoes, electronics, household appliances, carpentry equipment, and more.

Easiset way of Soucing with VIGLOBAL 4 easy steps to get a product for your business


We get information on the needs and specifications of the products you want. Start communicating with suppliers, providing a list of prices from several suppliers who pass our filter to our customers.


Negotiate with appropriate suppliers, including verifying the quality of goods and prices. Verify the feasibility of suppliers to ensure they can meet the requirements.


Quality control is carried out by our agents during the production process until the goods are ready to be sent. Quality inspection based on specified requirements. We ensure compliance with technical, administrative and documentation compliance.


Handling product shipments, preparing import / export documents and important requirements that accompany it, as well as arranging payments based on the agreed method. Arrangement of cargo, customs, and expenditure of goods until delivery reaches the final destination.

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