Viglobal has partners of the best Vendors of industrial goods spread across Southeast Asia, China, and Europe. You can entrust the needs of the procurement of imported goods to us. We will choose the right vendor with competitive rates as the best consideration for your business.

COMMON QUESTION Sourcing Process

Viglobal’s experience for 10 years has made us a trusted partner in the procurement of industrial goods and consumer goods from various Southeast Asian countries, China, and Europe. We already have a list of trusted Vendors who have been doing business with us for years with proven quality.

The rate calculation depends on the export / import commodities, quantity, and country of origin / destination of export / import. Viglobal offers the best rate for all your needs.

In addition to taking goods from vendors and reliable suppliers for export / import (Trading) purposes, Viglobal also has producers of industrial goods such as iron and metal (Sourcing) in China, to provide the best rates to our customers.

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