Sourcing Product Best of Viglobal

Industrial Goods

General parts such as bolts, legs, conveyor belts, and others.

Household and Office furniture. Bedset, Dinning Table and Chairs, Coffee table, Office desk, airport waiting chair, boss chair, etc.

Imported RO water filter machines commonly used for household and industry

Special machines for heavy industries

Small machines that require special storage techniques.

Equipment such as Drill Rig, Tower Crane, and so on.

Consumer Goods

Kitchen products such as napkins, pans, microwaves, and similar equipment.

Necklaces, earrings and similar items.

Why Use ViGlobal Sourcing Service
Our excellence to benefit your business

Meet Your Specifications

Our experience in supplying quality products is equipped with the requirements from customer. Starting from product specifications, packaging models, to OEM branding. Our team follows your interests in developing appropriate products, also conducts quality control inspections, until the product reaches you.

Work Directly with Clients

Each of our customers gets service from ViGlobal’s sourcing specialist team for each purchase order process, making it easier for you to stay focused on the main business and market development. You get important information during the procurement process, so you can anticipate for better decision making.

Open and Transparent Choices

We maintain information transparency on every product sourcing and shopping process. Experience working with suppliers in China, having representative offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen, having agents in all major port in China , producing the right combination for quick and efficient communication.

Reducing Risk of Fraud

The large number of product choices and various supplier integrity issues in China, raises its own problems for purchasing. Not to mention the obstacles that might be obtained afterwards. Our special team guarantees the smoothness of the sourcing process through the approaches and techniques that we implement to ensure that every step of the process runs properly.

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