About Us Your Business Success Partner

PT. WIRIYA JAYA INTERNATIONAL GLOBALINDO is a company engaged in sourcing, trading, logistics and custom handling services based in Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia.

With more than 10 years of experience, we have been serving the procurement and delivery of thousands of types of goods for various businesses in Indonesia. We continue to build closer relationships with customers and suppliers with the aim of providing direct and reliable services to exceed expectations.

ViGlobal innovates using technology to maintain the stability of commercial lines, import and export products, and to manage international projects with our partners.

We strengthen global networks, by integrating functions in sourcing activities with expertise and long experience. Our mission to remain able to adapt responds to the growing needs of the industry in finding new markets. We are optimistic to be able to serve you and continue to strive to be your business partner to grow and develop in Indonesia.


Bringing the Ease and Efficiency of Sourcing Our Customers

Customers Trust

Try our best to meet the demands of increasing and diverse customers and become the market leader in sourcing service companies in maintaining customer trust.

Complete (Full of Range) Service

Providing comprehensive and reliable services, to get quality products from manufacturers that have the best reputation.

Professional Partners

Become a professional procurement / purchasing partner for all our customers, in meeting sales goals, providing market information and the best customer service.

Informative & Transparent

Provide timely information to customers in each sourcing process, and market dynamics information needs.

Beyond Expectation

Become a supplier of choice for our customers, with our products exceeding their quality requirements.

Dedicated Dynamic Team

Harnessing the creative energy of our team through collaboration, development and a good and dynamic work environment.

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